Phenix80 - Enigma

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I think that the votes don't reflect the truth.
I won my challenge to reproduce the ORIGINAL SOUND.

It's very hard to find the original sound with original synthezisers in 44Kz. A remix it's not a fantasy !!When the remix sounds like a far likeness from the original, the spirit of the original disepear. this is a new music. I kept the 80' nostalgia. Persons who said "it's the same" are right, this is the same sound. But persons who said "it's the same as the original" are false. Samples, effects, and mix are completly renewed.

Hope that now you understand what is a real remix.
Sounds exactly like the original. No fantasy at all...
Not good.. I cant tell the difference listening to this or the orgininal.. Remixes shall not sound like the original.. Improvisation and use your own sounds.
Give me the original instead :°( it's nearly the same but better than mp3
Very disappointing, because it sounds like the original with less appealing instruments and effects!
I haven't heard the original tune, but I like this.
A nice remake of the original track
Faithful remake, but nice to have an mp3 highquality version so it's good for that reason.
Nice to hear a remix close to the original, one of my fave tunes! This is going on my car CD :)
This Obelisk carries AmigaRemix.
Good remake from original with today qualities. I like it!
Close to the Original or not, that sounds very good. Well done.
Technically skilled. Musically limited. A fantastic effort.
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I don't want to be boring or something, dont get me wrong. To create a sound that is exactly or almost the same as an old amiga tune can be hard, i understand that. I try to do that too sometimes. Certain parts of old tunes can be nice to reproduce in this way to keep a nostalgic feeling. I use to reproduce chipsounds However, a remix shouldnt sound exactly like the original, what is the remixing of that? Play with your fantasy and give it a new soul. It does not have to be big changes, but it should be something that makes peoples thing: Hey, I'll listen to this for a change The reason why I would listen to the original mod instead of this is that I grown up with it. It's going to need some heavy makeover to become better than that. The sounds of your tune is of high quality, no question about it. You should use it to create something special, cool and new to this song. Add your personal touch to it. Then it's a hit, believe me.