End Theme Remix

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Arranged by:
pinozulpo Veteran
Composed by:
Karsten Obarski
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hello to everybody.

i've done this remix for fun some years ago.

i know there's not a good mastering at all and some instruments are too "high", but i hadn't the time to fix this, so i released it "as soon as"...



to firefox: not everybody are "perfect" like you to do remix with perfect sound and style... (this also for sword of sodan remix... thank you for your "good" vote.... :=P )


Nice enough, but needs a lot improvement on the technical side.
Quite pleasing and jolly but does need some more attention, especially with the lead which hurts your ears sometimes
Ending ending ending... Ending ending ending... Eating... Merry Xmas!
Sounds like just a MIDI tune using the general midi sounds. Does not wok for me.
Pretty cute version but it lacks good instrumentation and proper mixing. It gets the Good-button due to it's jollyness.
A nice little tune.
Plain and simple :) Rather a remake than a remix.
The tune is high, yes, but I like it. For a little fun remix well done.
Really like it,
Review by Umpa


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Do you have a longer version ? Its just a little too short. Just getting in to it and it ends.