Pirx - Pinball Dreams (Title Song)

Track info
Pinball Dreams (Title Song)
Arranged by:
Pirx Remixer
Original composed by:
Olof Gustafsson
All-Time charts position:
Pinball Dreams (Title Song)
I find it really brave to remix one of the most powerful and classic themes of the Amiga! Kudos! While the arrangement is quite alright, the levels are a bit off and the over all sound lacks the impact of the orginal. I like the guitar touches!
Love the Pinball Dreams title music. Unfortunately this doesn't hit the mark at all. It sounds so MIDI-ish, as though GM instruments have been used. Wrong notes in there too. Shame. The nostaliga feeling is all that stops me from giving the lowest vote.
Quite a hard one. We got Olof's remix and we got Machinae's but this is totally another style. I really do like it, but it sounds too muffled at various points and could use some more mixing. Other than that, it's great and smooth.
Way too badly mixed to be enjoyable, sadly.
Some really odd sound choices and badly mixed make this a no-go for me.
Too much reverb and the mixing isn't good. The original sounds much better.
I think you tried your best here and its not easy to remix such classic tunes :) anyway I like your remix but it does'nt give me a hype for a red or orange one :) best wishes for your next remixes!
Nice try, but this just sounds uninspiring and flat. More fresh ideas, original instruments and better mastering!
A nice try, but it is far too muffled and quiet, with some wrong notes for good measure.
Doesn't feel like the right sort of vibe for this tune. Seems to lack grunt and balls. Maybe it's just a production thing.
Volume really poor...
The "Chill Out" Version of pDreams. Takes some time to "grow", but turns out to be good.
Wow you got some really cool ideas in this, I like the jazzy flute and progressive style. The mixing could be a lot better tho and guitars should sound more aggressive especially during the final part. You should build upon this! Don't give up!:)
Should be better, but it is okay.:-)

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