Last Ninja (ninja go rock)

Track info
Arranged by:
plasm303 Remixer
Composed by:
Ben Daglish & Anthony Lees
All-Time charts position:
Gets there in the end but just takes to long...
I quite like it. Has some annoying flaws though... The drum crashes for example.
Nice ideas with the guitars rocking in, unfortunately it just meanders a bit with the same instruments. More variety needed.
Would be great as the soundtrack of a Vietnam War movie.
Nice arrangment - goes straight to my L-N collection.
I thing the essence of the original got lost...
Puffy's got competition! Much better than most of the other "rock" remixes out there!
Man, I'm a big fan of Last Ninja, but this one is just like... Its just awesome. The drums kinda lost their quality in the mp3 conversion, but its not too bad. Love how you brought out the Chinese sound with rock music and not using asian instruments.
Damn good!!
Faithful to the original, with awesome guitars and drums. Fantastic remix!
Verry good!
Rock Ninja Rock, Great guitar superb song
The ninjas do indeed rock here!
Chinese army training!
For sure still one of the best rock style remixes out there and of course still in my collection. Great stuff!
Brilliant rock remix. Not muddy at all. Every instrument can be heard clearly. There are some really jealous pricks on here.

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