Plasmoide - Giana Sisters (Remix2010)

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Plasmoide Remixer
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It follows the Giana tune, but there's nothing to write home about.
Maybe, the unit makes the wrong steps sometimes. When it goes wild on the melody it seems to be a little off. Not really out of the key but still rollin' on a bumpy road.
Ohhh plz do something new with this track its like I heard this 10000 times. Its okay tune
An acid/house style remix, but it's not done very well. The instrumentation leaves much to be desired, I don't like the changes in the arrangement, either.
Technically quite good but voting for yerself is not very cool...
Sadly this doesn't work at all, and has ended up making a tune a lot worse than the original it is based on.
Hhmm - I've listened to soooo many remakes like this. Out of these samples you can make a techno music but not a giana sisters remake, sorry. And as Amok said: selfvoting is not very cool!!!
Beat is okay but the random sound effects are just wrong. You can do better!
Self Voting - Cheating at its finest - and no amount of rigging the votes is gonna save this turkey.
It`s okay. Doesn`t get boring - but far away from being superiour.

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