Blackmail tune1(HardCopy)

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Arranged by:
PowerTrace Veteran
Composed by:
Reyn Ouwehand
All-Time charts position:

Reyns wonderfull and powerfull bassline got me hocked so I thought that

THIS is something I really could power up a notch with fresh sounds

Reyn, thanks for a amazing tune !


I have made an extended version of Blackmail that you can get at

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I just love how groovy this one is!
Booby gravy! Good stuff.
Still a good groover and even a bit improved from last upload!
Dayum! This is so nice - the drums are so tight and great mastering!
Sharp, crisp and clean and dancy :)
FANTASTIC sounds - excellent groove. And those DRUMS - sweet!
A veteran who has moved on leaps and bounds as of late, from his flat sounding yet inspiring stuff back in 2000 to what we have here now, which sounds as professional as you could get, beautiful stuff
With each tune it gets better :-)
Whoohoo, stomp it baby! Great track trace, mate! :D
Lovely setup! Professional all the way.
The sounds are perfect - capturing feeling of the original SID sounds but in a much fuller way.
One of my favs this year - stunning base - nice work Trace
Makes you want to get up and boogie!! Thumping stuff!
This one forces me to write my first comment: I *love* this tune! But the fade out is too abrupt - please release an extended version!:)
Groovy, groovy, jazzy, funky, house, house...:)
Professional sound! Almost Very Good, but not my cup of tea.
Trace's best work up do date. Groovy, funky, modern dance remix. Very good production values.
Excellent old-skool style remix. The lead sounds could be more refined, the bass could be punchier, so a hair short of a red smilie.
Fat basedrum, indeed! Kicks it forward for sure. But for some reason it's still not working for a red one here.
I really like the sounds used in this, good stuff.
Incredible, I like this! This is pure 80's style Hi Energy
Groovy! Simply love it!
One of my favorite tunes... So smoooth!
Impressive how you can make something great out of nothing... :S AWESOME REMIX!!!! Fat sounds slapping you around the face!..
WOW! I can still remember of that original tune. If I might say that, this rmx is just as good as the original. Red!!!
Absolutely fantastic!
Really love this - top remix of a great SID.
Yeah.... Nice..... Hilarious

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