Cream of the earth (HardCopy)

Track info
Arranged by:
PowerTrace Veteran
Composed by:
Romeo Knight
All-Time charts position:

Finaly after many years I got the currage to remix this masterpiece of mod by Romeo Knight.

I wasn't sure I could make the mod justice by remixing it my way... But here it is


You can also see the Red Sector Cebit ´90 demo including my remix.

This ist he shit! The bassdrum and the bass will reign for years!!!
Excellent high quality top notch dude!!!
This rocks.
I can't express my love with words. That is all.
Cream for the ears :)
Why didn`t I love it as much as the others? Dammit, I REALLY WANT TO :/
Real Amiga feel to it. I hadn't heard this tune before so I grabbed the MOD. I have to say the MOD stands out more with it's lead, the remix sounds rather flat in comparision until the end where it opens up more.
Not the best one from Romeo
Indeed, the cream.
Nice but.... Missing something.
Love this remix. One of my favourite mods back in the day, and this is an amazing version.
This is groundbreaking. Making Romeo Knights masterpiece justice. (the module that made everyone use Axx in every module for a while after that). :D
One of the best mod tracks on the Amiga! Excellent remix, true to the original..

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