Nemesis the Warlock (Trance ReMix)

Track info
Arranged by:
PowerTrace Veteran
Composed by:
Rob Hubbard
All-Time charts position:
My first attemt to do a remix in Renoise that went pretty well, allthough the mastring is really really OFF. Trying to fix it so check for updates on how that goes...
Good sound, but gets quite boring and repetitive after a while.... And there ARE quite a few NTW-remixes out there already...
Nice enough trance rendition of this Rob classic. However, the drums feel weak and too many "stock" Renoise instruments are used throughout.
Boring and repetitive, simple as. There just isn't enough here to actually get you going. It sounds too light and airy, needs something more substantial to make it work.
I thought this was pretty boring, but it might be because I'm not too big on trance. It's repetitive, and the mixing is a bit off at times.
The standard eurodance template being put to good use here, nice sound though a little TOO thin.
I think this is quite interesting actually.. But the mastering is somewhat on the bad side.. To much high on the Eq!
Good use of stereo and choice of instruments. However, the track is let down by not enough bass on the kick and far too much top end eq
Much too boring, doesn't sound "full", does not catch the spirit of the original (minus x2)
First download from the site, but I love it!
Nothing really special for my taste though...
Good try, but not the best approach to remix this one.
Solid Trace Trance tune. Should have more variety.:)
Really enjoyed it
Nothing special.

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