Zoids(In The Better Days)

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Arranged by:
PowerTrace Veteran
Composed by:
Rob Hubbard
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Zoids - In the better days!
Someone said once that this remix sounds like: J.M.J. on Mushroom :P

This one turned out REALLY well with UNZY drums and powerfull leads.
This version should be called an Extended version because of the long "intro" in about 2 minutes before the drums hits.

Greetings to Cevin Fisher for the vocals "In the better days"

You can find a more DJ friendly version at http://trace.ziphoid.com/WIP

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I love that bdrum! Wouldn't have thought Zoids could be unzalized.
Graaaaaaaaaar... Bloody awesome
Standard techno stuff
Yes. Der er smæk for skillingen!
Quite nice.. Sounds a bit DHS over the Bassdrum and bass though (but that can only be a good thing ;) )
Nice different take on Zoids, quite gritty in places but then there's plenty of techno oomph as well. Lose some of that and I'd like it better, but it's solid enough.
Luv it. The best fried egg-chilli chutney sandwich I've tasted in a long time!
Top notch trance. Very well produced. Great punch!
Actually well produced but this is simply not the way Zoids is meant to be. The Zoids melody fits here like ANY other melody would do.
Something different, and it's pretty good too.
I like this one. It has a good style and very well chosen instruments. Kinda minimalistic. Well done mate!!!!
When?? The better days.. A totally different Zoids.. Great!
Different, some sound selection is bad, but trance stuff is very good. So, it's in the middle.
Really loved this one - interesting twist and it may be a bit Jarresque but only in the best possible way
Startup takes quite (too) long for my taste here. Solid arrangement and mixing though. Although I'm a bit finished with unz-style remixes meanwhile!;-)
Between yellow and orange actually, but quite unusal compared with other stuff found here, so orange is well earned
Not my style, but: not bad, not bad at all!
Sounds very energetic! Only a bit long for my taste and you could try to play a little more with the melody.
Nice tune, lacks a bit variations for me to like it more though.
Very well mixed techno/trance tune
I like that techno mix
Starts out wonderful as my expectations rise... But then, the melody comes in and with a terrible generic sine tone lead instrument! What happened dude? Did your comp run out of memory?!
Good one
Cheap trancey bassline. Nonetheless: it works. Synergy's chords invite powertrace to overtune and the result is quite kickin. Very good try!
Cool version
You know... Those better days.. When everything was 8 bits....
Have you ever thought about, you know, not having, you know, such an annoying, you know, f'cking voice over, you know.
Dynamics OK!:)

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