ProgZmax - Golden Axe Heroes

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Like it.:-)
A decent embellishment of a decent video game tune.
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Golden axe.. probably sega's biggest franchise behind sonic the hedgehog back in the early 90's and rightly so, the game oozed atmosphere the gameplay whilst simplistic was extreme and the characters easy to endear towards.

Probably the 1st arcade game that i had ever completed "in" an arcade and boy was it an acheivement too and its because of these fond memories that i came to this remix with great and high hopes.

To be honest straight away its not what i had expected, but what it is is good.
the sounds used within this remix are pretty clear if a little staid and maybe a tad lifeless but they work well enough to get the job done.
the familiar melody is well in place and the drum beat mid way through is a welcome inclusion, as is the "welcome" sample lifted from the original arcade cabinet (though i suspect it was in the amiga version too) hence it being here.

I love the beginning very low and brooding, and it just launches into the main theme with ghusto and just doesnt stop much like the original.. close your eyes and you can just about see the bald guy with the mace... the tall blokes that look like dan gillgrass with a huge hammer.. all this remix misses is the "ahhh shut up!!" sample that hit off everyime one of them baldies died hehe.

so overall this mix is a good re-interpretation of a already damn good tune, nothing really different from the original but that is no bad thing and definetly worth a listen too.. well done mr stevens i salute you.