Desert Dream (PsychNerD Dream Remix)

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Arranged by:
PsychNerD Remixer
Composed by:
Anders E. Hansen (Laxity)
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If only one remix had to be made, it has to be this one. I watched the original demo countless times and always wanted to remix it. I worked several months ago on the last part but needed more time to complete the rest. Here it is ! My personal remix of the full demo. I must say that I'm pretty proud of this one, it was a lot of work.

To add a bit to the challenge, this remix with almost done without any computers (I used one to read the original mods and to assemble the different parts). Hardware synthesizers, sequencers, effects, multi-track recorders were used instead. It definitely does give a different feel in the sound of the remix.

For the other gear maniacs out there, here is the list of what's been used :

Sound sources : Access Virus Indigo 2, Roland JP-8080, FutureRetro Revolution, Korg Wavestation EX, Yamaha A4000, Yamaha DX11, Akai AX60, Yamaha RM1X, Korg ER-1 MK2, Roland Juno-106, Roland W30 (2)

Akai DR8 HardDrisk Recorder, Alesis CLX-440 Compressor/Expander (2), Akai PEQ6, Digitech TSR6 Effects, Digitech GSP21 Preamp, Behringer MX2432A Console, Behringer Truth B2031A Monitors, MOTU MIDI TimePiece AV (2), E-Mu Emulator-X PC

Take the time to listen it all, or at least to skip into the differents parts... personnally the first is not my favorite but I think it gets better from part to part.

Since this remix has hit the size limit of AmigaRemix, it is only available in 128Kb quality. If you are interested in a better quality version, contact me for a link.

Thanks to Ziphoid for giving me very nice words and SLAY Radio time on this one. It is really appreciated.

And many thanks to those who will take some time to drop me a comment, even if it's only one word!

It's not flawless, but the cheer size of this effort has to be shown the utmost respect. Very well done, sir. I'm in awe.
Omg! Who would even try to hardware sequence a track like this one? Respect! :-) It's a great one too with enough stomping for the whole dancefloor. (Had to change it to red after listening to it 10 more times :-)
A very, very huge remix. It's punchy, it's well balanced, it's mostly flawless - but for me it lacks the "personality" of the original.
Nice version
Wow, great Remix!
Best version ive heard and it includes the whole thing too!!! GREAT JOB!
Impressive job!
Over the Top!!!
Had this on my HD for quite a while now, a pleasure every time I listen to it!
This is the best Remix of Desert Dream and he is dangerous to hear in my car. Great work :-)!!!
Very nice and powerful psy/hardtrance sounds in this one, you clearly know what you're doing :)
It's good, but a tiny bit overrated.
Very Good Music, You can Make "Odyssey" Complite in this Style we are Beautyful
*bows before master* Heard this song on SlayRadio many months ago - have been going nuts for not beeing able to find it :) I think I might actually be able to get some work done now!
Great stuff!
This track kicks ASS!
Just not workin for me
True awesomeness in this one. /me humbly bows! Some of the instruments could be switched, though, but overall totally impressive!
I would be very surprised if anyone will make a better version of this outstanding remix of DesertDream? ! This is totally awesome. Greets from Sweden.
Desert Dream it was one of the best demos I can remember seeing and most importantly hearing on the Amiga, you done an great job, Thanks for you work and effort in remastering it and making a bit more powerful and immortal :D
Monster choon.
A great Work.
Starts off pretty averageish but the second half really kicks ass!!!
One of the most beautiful melodies gets stomped. Literally.
Absolutely BRILLIANT.
A W E S O M E!!!
Pure awesomeness! Must have been an insane ammount of work, really great remix.
Really liked the first 4:30, then I saw there's another 15 minutes... Gotta break it up.
Great, Red face for the effort! And I thought my 13:20 Pinball Prelude remix is the longest on AmigaRemix, hehe. Great techno and TB303 sounds! Also great that hardware synth sounds have been used (like on my remix, as well), so it's awesome!:)
Sounds good.

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