Rallye Master (Psyria's On The Run Edit)

Track info
Arranged by:
Psyria Veteran
Composed by:
Karsten Obarski
All-Time charts position:
Has something from Snap's "Rythm is a dancer", hasn't it? Quite nice. Don't like some panning-fx, otherwise it's a good remix!
Its all in all a good remix. But I think you've use to much Limiter or something. The result is a bit muddy...
Hi nice with some good old euro-style remixes, being a pop-boy of the 90's I like what I hear. But as a music lover, I miss suprises in the music. It is too simple and the lead instrument is not my style (I hear Snap in it, but more Eurogroove imho)...
I like it, but the electric panning sound is not that optimal. And like baator said, you need to put in some kind of jamming, suprise or new idea to make it whorthwhile. Listen to what Monty did with Sarcophaser ;-)
Play that funky music.
Good one.:-)

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