Putzi - Giana Sisters (Intro)

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First I made this another 80s tune. Then Neil Curtis stepped in and told me "we musicians have to make modern music to last" and we discussed lots of stuff and music styles.
Then I made it a modern track that sometimes touches the 90s with its Motiv8-stylish background sequences.

Mastered with virtual analogue plugins from Universal Audio. Nothing else sounds like it.

This is nearly my last work in C64-remixes. One remix still remaining that I will upload.
In an C64-remix world where only stupid guitar-mixes count, I´ll have to leave it. The SID is a synth.
As ever, solid work from Putzi with plenty of "unz" present here. Nice analogue feel and plenty of neat touches throughout.
Okay, but I'd like to hear more variations...
Sounds good but the arrangement is really boring...=(
Not what I'd call a masterpiece, but far from being bad either. I doubt it'll go down in history of remixes, but as a kind of noncommittal easy listening, it's more than good enough.
The 273rd Giana Sisters remix... Drums dominate too much...
Soft to the ears, except for the harsh base drum. A mishmash of different things, doesn't really go anywhere.
Mellow mix stylee... It's ok... Would say!
Great work, sascha... It got a nice 80's feeling....
Putzi's usual crystal clear mix.
A bit too bland.
Starts very promising, put then it turns out to be "yet another Giana remix". Not too bad, though.
A neutral Giana remix. Not more, not less.

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