Putzi - PCW-tune 88 (Engel-mix)

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Putzi Veteran
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A lot going on and listen to, as always when Putzi is on the move. :) I don't like the drums though, which knocks the rating downa little. Too repetative and lifeless.
It's a solid mix but not one I could listen to over and over again
Maybe the lead instrument could do with tweaking down in the mix a notch, but nonetheless this is solid work by Putzi, if a little on the repetitive side.
Too samey all the way through to become enjoyable. Needs some changes in instrument styles and beats. The changes that are there are unfortunately very simular to each other. Still, solid work if a little steriotypically Putzi
Nice, nothing special.
Can't help it. Putzi, you saved my day again :) Maybe not the best, but if this could be the average quality on remixes, I would be happy. Punch, Quality, Drive. Makes the bad parts about it minimalistic.
I can't say I agree with the choice of the somewhat "dreamy" lead, esp. Since the rest sounds so much better.
Remixes by putzi got such a low rating... Really... This is TOP stuff!
Brilliant sound, nice arrangement.
Quite boring! I don't like the dance track character of this tune. And even if I liked dance tracks, I'd say this hasn't got enough drive. Faster tempo and less monotonous drums, please!
A nice laid-back track with very little variation. It's decent background music but lacks excitement for me.
! Very Good Music! Cool!

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