Putzi - Savage (sub 2 from 80ies 2 now)

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Again one of my fave SIDs. One of the remixes I spent a lot of time to do. Changed it so often, removed the pseudo guitars that didn´t fit, removed the cheap sounding compressor pumping of the first pub release. So here it is, my *clearest* production so far. If if the critisism says "only good", I wonder why so many people downloaded it ;-)
Knocked this down from a VG as it seems overly long and gets a little lost on the way, otherwise a damn solid mix
Don't like the bdrum, and it's damn long, so I got a bit bored with it. Else it would've gotten a Very Good. The rest is very much to my liking.
Hmm. Almost gets it right -- but as you lot say above, sometimes the instrument choice isn't quite right (the "Jeish" doesn't work as it's not hitting enough, for instance), and it's waa-a-a-aay too long.
Some of the instrument choices aren't great, but what's here is a nice stomping remix with some good doishes thrown in for good measure.
Some of the instruments sound strained at high notes which bothers me a little, overall though very nice if way too long
I like it, but I would prefer it to be shorter. (max 5 minutes)
Very good. Could have used a trimming, though.
Very good production.... I like it!!!
Hmm... Inbetween good and very good... I am too tired to explain ;-)
Not the best I've heard from Putzi. Ok tune, but bad mixing and it sounds like a st-mod.
Ohh, Oh Putzi... You can do _way_ better, dude!! This tune you have chosen here is soooooo damn great to become remixed but your version doesn't come near the original _feeling_ of that one! Too various and partly wrong instruments in my opinion though!
The more I listen to this, the more I like it. I love the longer tunes - they give time to really get into it.
The drums rock, but the rest hasn't got enuff drive/punch for a Savage remix.
Very interesting choice of samples. But some didn´t work for me. But all in all is this a very cool version.
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Since it is one of my favorite SID tunes, here's a longer review of this tune instead of just a shout.

The opening is kick-ass, the bass is really cool, but most of the lead instruments should've been selected more carefully. They sound tedious and they wear me down. Or they're simply thin and out of place.

Although the remix tries to be in the 80's style, I don't feel a lot of 80's radiating from this one. A better groove would've probably helped there.

All in all, a nice effort, but this tune deserves so much more.