Rafael Dyll - X-Out

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Arranged by:
Rafael Dyll Remixer
Original composed by:
All-Time charts position:
Composed by Chris Huelsbeck
1989, Rainbow Arts

This track was composed with the C64 orchestral remix competition in mind earning 3rd place. Yes, arguably, it isn't purely orchestral, in fact, there is a strong synthetic feel to it, but this was intentional so I don't mind the bashing. The orginal game was ported neatly to the C64 and while FAME did a great job of converting Chris' tunes to the SID chip, honestly, it can't compare to the pure magnitude of the Amiga original. A true, dark masterpiece that was just dying to be re-created in a studio environment. Thanks to Chris' assistance, the track has been a joy to produce. Sounds sources in this tune are varied - the main somewhat distorted piano sound and "underwater feel" has been created with the Korg X5 Combo-sounds, something I really like using and a sound that can be found in many of my other remixes and original compositions. Erm, enjoy.

Special thanks to Fabian del Priore and Chris Huelsbeck. You guys rock.
Very very nice rmx
Cool Remix.... One of my all time favorites...
This guy is absolutely talented!!!
Oh my GOD!!! This track made me so excited that I had to get a login just to vote for this one! Rafael, you are brilliant!
Only God Himself Will Know Why this "remix" is ranked so high in the Amiga "All Time" Chart,, hmm dont really recognize many of the shouter's here before or since... They are very enthusiastic though.. Somewhat over enthusiastic.. But
Would be perfect if it wasn't for... Well, I'm not sure. Something is not quite right in the main melody. Might just be because I have a cold.
A W E S O M E! Can`t get it out of my ear! Moooore!
Epic. Even better than Chris Hülsbeck's remix on Immortal 2.
Not a fan of orchestral, and seems pretty repetitive. Not bad though.
This song rocks, Rafael, great work! I always enjoyed it since you released it in 2003! Love the use of Korg X5, Korg makes such great remarkable and awesome sounds! I'm a big fan of Korg and especially love your older tunes, keep it up! Cheers, Fabian :)

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