Parasol Stars Medley

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Arranged by:
Rapture Veteran
Composed by:
Matthew Cannon
All-Time charts position:
This is so fun! Loads of energy and love the effects :D
Absolutely smashing! From the cute Jarre-homage opening to the cheeringly summery conclusion, this is a track to bring you sunshine on a rainy day. Great to have the Amiga-exclusive Super Secret Level tune included in the mix, too!
Technically well done, but I did not care for this composition. Liked the use of sound effects.
This is one of my fav Amiga remixes! Did the C64 remix in 2001. Brings back some memories!
Starting Inspired from Band In The Rain of Jean Michel Jarre... Like it.
Sweet memories here!
It's good but it's like an actual MOD.
Review by Matt Smith


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

There's just heaps to love about this gloriously sunshiney little gem of a track. The clever and deceptively low-key opening makes the arrival of the up-tempo main body of the remix all the more delightful and surprising, the instruments used throughout the piece have a sprightly, cheerfully magical quality to them that absolutely matches the atmosphere of the original game, and the melding of the two main in-game tunes is a splendid touch that adds greatly to the fun and variety of the whole piece. Super stuff!