Razmo - Entombed (Late Halloween Remix)

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Alright... this one came a bit too late for the promised Haloween radio show on SlayRadio, but I got so satisfied with the idear, that I wanted to do this one properly, and not rush to conclusions :O)


I always liked the original game, most likely because of my fascination with fantasy and egyptian folklore (there is a reason as to why Kefrens was the name I came up with for our AMIGA group back in the 80's and 90's... including the ANKH symbol)... for those who say "80's!? Kefrens was not present then!?"... well... we were, but under a different name actually... just search POUET for "The Startlight Project" and you'll find me and the other REAL Kefrens members there ;O)


With this tune I wanted to create an eerie and sinister sounding tune at the same time... the Harp which is one of my favourite instruments of all time sets the mood perfectly for this tune I think... it was played on my E-mu E5000 sampler, and was sampled note for note from a physical modelling plug on the PC (as I do not use plugs)... it filled more than 70MB in finished form and was recorded in 61 keys at 8 different velocity settings... 480 samples in total in full length... that's why it sound so rich and dynamic.


At the same time I wanted the atmosphere of Zombies and Mummies as the game has this annoying mummy that show up every time you stand still too long... also the intro was meticulously made to give the impression of being trapped inside a pyramid which is the essense of the game in the first place.


The rhythmic egyptian part in the later part of the tune is selfcomposed as I wanted some kind of variation to the tune... I have a hard time doing stuff without SOME kind of energy to it...


Hope you enjoy it... it's one of the odd pieces you'll hear from me...





This tune seriously gave the shivers, it felt rather spooky, reminded me of devil may cry aswell. Awesome!
Razmo doing his chris vrenna impressions and doing them very well xD
The harp is beautiful and accompanies the underlying menace perfectly. The egyptian part is also very atmospheric but for me doesn't fit with the medieval feel of the harp, confusing the whole ambience.
Absolutely a beautiful tune with a great mood. The harp is lovely.
Really nice ambiental piece. Thumbs up razmo!
A tale of two remixes. One is the harp piece which reminds me of Vollenweider a lot, the other is that spooky mid-section. Both are great, but should be split into two. Excellent ambience, well done! -- RIP Razmo :-(
Now you're top-notch, Raz.:-)
Great Tune Razmo, keep up the good work ;)
The gorgeous harp at the start is the perfect introduction to a beautifully dark yet ambient piece that gets the mood of the original spot on. Lovely work here, Razmo!
Technically good but doesn't get to the point somehow! The snoring is totally out of place imho. The spookiness is very good, though.
Most awesomeness :)
Nice stuff
Top notch Production and the Mood/Athmospehere is maintained from start to finish.
Controversial melody and samples - I like this somehow. Great performance!
I like it a lot! I don't interpret the breathing sound as snoring though
Lovely! I guess I support Lala in everything he said but one thing: the two "Parts" whould never be seperated, without that climax I would miss something: just feels so good when it slows down again.
Intriguing. The harp sample reminds me of Vollenweider as well, and the low bell is similar to the blaster beam from ST:TMP. Awesome!
I have to be honest, this starts nice but the more I listen to it, the less I find it enjoyable. The "monster" sounds totally ruin the music
This is a great track, original, sets the mood perfectly. Inventive, beautifull and breathtaking. Top 10 easily! Awesome job Razmo, keep it up!
Perfect work on scary effect and overall speaking is a true one genuine masterpiece
It puts the original melodies to an another level. Excellent remix.
Beautiful harp work and a nice middle section, I think the original Sid isnt much though and you revealed its actual composition quality, the mummy is the only reason I dont give it a red, its too loud.
Really brilliant. The whole tune has a good mood and tension. Brillant fade out at the end (pling plang pling plang... ;o)
Very interesting atmosphere! Razmo = Razmo/Kefrens??:)
I really like this one and it is scary as hell!
Harp is glorious.

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