Razmo - Ghost'n Goblins (Cadaver March Remix)

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A tune that just popped up while I was messing around with some presets, and then things started to shape rather quickly. Did this in a little under a week I think it was...


Am I satisfied with this remix? ... no... as usual I always find stuff later that I feel I could have done better, but just to have finished it is a milestone for me as it takes quite an amount of dedicationto get stuff finished.


Yes... I like zombies... horror in general, and I know it shows😉 ... and yes, I changed some of the notes in the melody, but this was purely intentional to give it a certain feel.


Used a lot of different gear on this one... funnily enough not any of my new MOOG gear which I find quite odd really...


Bassline is a Waldorf Microwave 1 run through an Electro Harmonix NANO Smallstone phaser pedal (yes... the type of phaser Jarre used on Oxygene and Equinoxe).

The harpsichord like instrument is an Oberheim Matrix-1000 with a dip of BOSS CE-300 Super Chorus (analog yes...)

The Theremin like sound is a Waldorf Pulse recorded twice to get the spooky lead (Pulse is monophonic)

The main lead sound is a DSI Tetra analog synth.

The organ sound is a Yamaha FS1R FM synthesizer.

Eerie rising FX in the intro is a Yamaha EX5

The rest is samples played on an E-MU E5000 Ultra sampler.

Various machines was effected via a T.C. Electronics D-Two delay, and a Lexicon MX400 Reverb.

All mixed on a Mackie ONYX 24.4 analog mixer.


Hope you enjoy it... if not, you better get away before it bites you, and you become infected! ;O)

Yeah!! You gotta love it. Captures the groove of the original, but adds the fun of "Ghostbusters! " embedded in a zombie theme. Top notch!
Great cover!
I can hear some serious synth madness going on, man :)
Zombies! Nice! Added to my Halloween mix.
BRRAAAAIINNZZ!! It's taking my mind! .. Awesome job mate, grabs the original by it's er.. Ghoulies and adds so much more besides.
Very clean, nicely done! -- RIP Razmo :-(
Hehe, funny one
Zombies everywhere nowdays... But good remix
Awesome... Nuff said!
As already mentioned, I kept expecting to hear Egon on Dr. Venkman make a vocal contribution to this. Love the humour and the mix.

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