Razmo - R1D1 (Overclocked Droid Remix)

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R1D1... never played the game, but always loved the tune... it has this very haunting sound, that you just cannot get out of your head. I wanted this version to be jolly feelin' ... I pictured R1D1 happy and "strollin' down the road" singing his tune loud... thus, I ended up with this very eerie lead sound that is supposed to resemble R1D1 singing... it has a very characteristic vibrato to it, that came by accident, but it makes the lead very organic and droid-like, though being at the brink of glass-shattering pitches sometimes :OS ... and yes... it's very jarre'esque in nature, which is fully intentional.


In the beginning of the track, I pictured R1D1 chattin' a bit with R2D2 ... If you cannot handle that, too bad for you! :oP

Cut down on all the robot noises a bit and you'd have a winner here, but it just detracts a bit too much. Shame, because the idea's there and the bass drum kicks nice and hard.
I dont see the point of all the droid noises, even thought its named "overclocked droid remix". A good effort to pull something different anyhow.
I like the lead sounds and the r2d2 sounds....
Kind of cool, kind of weird.
Synthpop vs Jarré in a good mix. I agree with Waz about the "random" robot noises though, they're not adding anything, just detracting.
It's weird, it has daft noises in it.. The synths sound like their on pcp... And it works. Only thing that could have been a bit better is the drumbeat, its a bit crap but apart from that great stuff.
Im kinda finding this weird, yet nice - sorta good yet sorta plain, but totally infectious!!
A little boring!
Love the robot chat, and cool sounds all over the track! Great tune :)
Some Star Wars with a splash of Jarre. Unusual, for sure, but it works for me. The lead instrument is a touch too funky for me, but the rest is near perfect. Well done! -- RIP Razmo :-(
Robot freaks out too much, you overclocked it too hard in my opinion. The rest of the tune is monotonous. Not my favourite, I'm sorry.
Wierd, caotic and a bit messy, but quite enjoyable anyway!
I like it weired and the robot stuff does not distract me. Only the drum is quite boring and monotone...
Good! But doesn't have that "stand-out in front of other remixes" feel.
Very interesting sound there, however the beats sound a bit too repetitive imho
I love the original, the remix is great too. Well done! I love the robot noises too, ignore everyone else, I am the only important person around here ;-)

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