Razmo - Wizardry

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Hi everyone...


I never got 100% satisfied with this remix actualy. It is OK, but I think I could have made it much more detailed, especially in the drums department. In the end though, I feel it does a decend job, but nothing extrordinary. I decided to let it out simply because I got fed up with it, and thought that maybe someone would like it anyways. I feel that the synth-melody line was perfect for what I wanted, but somehow the drums lack, and I could not find anything else that would make it better... also, my drums are too dry because the Jomox XBase 888 that I used had no FX, and I had no free channels to route especially the crash cymbal to a reverb etc... also the tune is too short... just as the original.


Maybe some day I'll revisit this remix, and make it better... until then you'll have to do with this.


Regards, Razmo...

Pleasant little version of Wizardry tune 1 here by Razmo, Everything nice and tight, good mixing.
I've missed a nice new Wizardry remix. So I enjoyed this one quite much.
The mix is too dry for my taste. Nice little ideas, but overall, not much here to keep me coming back to it. -- RIP Razmo :-(
This music is ok and I like the original. But this Remix is not more than average...

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