Rebulus - The last ninja 2 - CENTRAL PARK THEME

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Thank the bloody lord someone has decided to take this tune by the BALLS and change some things - bloody awesome - not perfect but so different to the run of the mill exact copies - Several different versions within one - more please - Its great!
Excellent work for a first remix! I could have done with some more attitude or agressive sound, but it's quite enjoyable anyway.
Has the first version been removed? This one sounds MUCH better. Impressive!
The ending is great! Well done.
Great to hear the full version. The second half isn't as strong as the first but it's still a top-notch remix.:)
Well, not bad at all...
Puffy 64 part 2, nice stuff.
Really great tune! :D
The guitars are awesome, but the synth backing sounds very unpolished which is especially painful in the synth-only intro and during the bridge at 3:20+ with an out-of-place trumpet. A little mish-mash of styles, keep the guitars, though!
Very good one!
I love this theme :P Thanks!
Lose the trumpet if you ask me... The rest is near-perfect. Very enjoyable, original and creative. Keep 'em coming!
This sounds like a remix of the remake Puffy64 did years ago. Not as good though. Too bad.
Nice one, something new and fresh but for outstanding something is missing
Interesting. I got worried until the guitar came into the picture, then it was much better. And a trumpet - that's cool. This is between Good and Very Good... But closer to Very Good!
Not bad, a little slower tempo than the original and you should of used the motif section more. Nice work!
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This remix is pretty close to a red one. The Rhythmguitars sound ace and the drums are arranged very professional. The guitarsolo at 1:36-2:00 sounds a bit odd, and this trumpet-part at 3:30 can't convince me, because it sounds a bit like a mixture of folklore and a christmas tune. ;) It's awesome apart from that! Well done, Rebulus! I'm waiting for more of your stuff with impatience!