Reyn & Marcel - Thrust

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Rob Hubbard
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Cant fault the mix as such but it really didnt set my balls on fire like I wanted it to.
Oh come on! This one is just awesome! It needs "THRUST CONCERT" Video on YouTube!
Kewl remix of one of my fav SIDs.
Admire the techincal production quality but the remix doesn't do much for me as a whole.
Great effort by Reyn and Marcel here, with some absolutely gorgeous guitars that rock in all the right places. And it works really well. Excellent stuff!
This just r0xx0rs! Love the richness of the drumbeat.
Not the best Reyn, nor Marcel, has done. That said, this is still feckin' awesome!
Very Clean sounding...... Its authentic sounding yet modern... Which I like about C64 Remixes. Now we need an updated version of the Thrust Video go go with this.:)
This is great! At least better than my version ;-)
Like lightforce the original sid is very much under appreciated. This is so so faithfull and the drum and guitars are stunning. Its getting an outstanding as it is the best version out there - its production is awesome - but its just MEMORIES for me!
Good mixing & a nice basic track but the lead is horrible, especially where it plays together with the guitar. The break around 3:00 is nice. I still prefer the original SID-version though.
Whooomph! Drums you can feel in the pit of your stomach and a surprisingly off kilter lead instrument. Brilliant.
I'm having a problem accepting the lead sounds. This remix doesn't rock my boat they way it could do. I think personally I'd prefer "cleaner" sounds.
Respect. :) (should've pumped up the bitrate a tad though ;)
Yummy, that just totally captures the spirit of the original, excellent production!
Very good one, that 3:00 break is too annoying for my taste. Without it, outstanding could be.
Too siddish in the sounds, I don't like that in a remix. Then again, it could be because of these tragic speakers on my laptop.
Cool one. Well done.
Very nice remix, only the lead sound is a bit dodgy for my taste.
The lead is terrible for my ears... But maybe it's just me.
I also think the lead is badly executed, squeeky un-even pitch modulation making it sound predominantly flat rather than melodious. A lot of the arrangement is great even though it feels slightly predictable.
Well done...
There are better remixes of this great SID. Listen to Visa Röster, for example!
Lovely acoustic treatment! I am not too crazy about the lead voice, at times it's a bit annoying. Not the best of Reyn, not the best of Marcel, but pretty good. I'm looking forward to more from this duo!
Im new here, and this has to be the best ive heard. Play it in the car.
Very good. I could dance to this!:))
This is the best real rendition of Thurst I've heard!
Otherwise very good, but that slow fluctuation (ie. Vibrato) of the lead makes it sound like its out of tone at times and thus drops it to a yellow face for me.
This mix is very ORGASMIC!
Never liked the original - couldn't see what the fuss was about. This is excellent in its own right however.
Hmmm, lol..

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