Reyn Ouwehand - Flimbo's Quest [Live at The Church]

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Reyn Ouwehand & J. Bjerregaard
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This remix was again done live, filmed and is available on YouTube. This time I used this old Mattel Optigan organ from the 70's:

Optigan: In the early 70’s, Mattel devised this OPTIcal orGAN to play back the sounds of REAL instruments, encoded on celluloid discs like concentric rings of movie soundtrack. The result was pretty crappy sounding and soon forgotten by the world at large...

You should really try to look into how this Optigan works. It's a real piece of art! And yes, the sound you hear is as is... no processing..


Cheers, Reyn.


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There is simply only one word for this remix, GENIUS! Mattel Optigan Organ 4 the WIN!
Absolutely fabulous! Was in love with beyond's stifflip for the exactly the same reason I fell in love with this - Silent movie feeling all over it, but this is as authentic as it gets! Brill stuff!
Easy contender for Remix of the Year. As noted, silent movie ftw! Pure genius.
Flimbo on an Optigan -- which was one of the most bizarre inventions to start with -- is simply genius.
This is joy! Don't miss the video.
There's something peculiar and infectious about this remix that just makes you grin heh
I've spoilt all the red scores for this but I'd rather listen to the excellent sids instead.. It's amusing and well done as always with Reyn, but it's just not my cup of tea.
YES! Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd and Laurel + Hardy are dancing in heaven :)
Flawless and brilliant, I like the ukulele (banjo? ) is that on this optigan thingy too?
Hah. Nice.
Excellent production. Listening to your last 2 remixes I take it you spent the summer in 1920's seaside Britain :)
"The result was pretty crappy sounding...". Yeah, thats why I can't understand the outstanding ratings. Nicely arranged but I would not like to encourage you to waste your amazing talent on dumb/funny remixes like this.
Technically cool and thumbs up for the idea... But this is kinda boring... 95% come on people ;)... Reyn is the king but this is musically a tad boring...
Excellent idea, really, ideal for Benny Hill :)
Haha, excellent. :D
Since this is one of my all time favorite sid songs ever made, it takes a lot to make a difference. I love it! This is just excellent, in it's own score!
Agree with Drax. This is a great fun project to do something on that old organ, but as a remix it's not something I listen to twice.
Awesome instrument and well performed - the smile is that and that alone. It is not something I will repeat in the playlist. But incredible sound :)
The youTube video is cool! This instrument is so funny!!! Who invents crap like this?;-)
Doesn't sound like much, but it is very funny! Love how Reyn wraps it up at the end..... And yes, this DOES get listened to!
Excellent idea. Lovely...:)
I really do not know if this is the best or the worst remix I've ever heard. But hey, it's memorable and more so than most remixes. And it's live. Only remix that tops it in fun-factor in my eyes is the Cybernoid 2 Hammond version...
Very funny and retro
Love it. Especially with the video to it. It makes me smile. Big time.:>
A tremendous effort - a real collision of concepts - this is what retro is all about!
The idea is funny, it's nice watching the youtubevideo and you can play well this instrument... But it sounds terrible, nobody needs this soundtrack on his pc or mp3 player and nobody will listen it again, so my voting for the song itself is "poor".
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Arrrgh!! You know, Reyn, there's a reason this POS Optigan was forgotten: because it sounds like crap. Look at the shouts: this sound reminds people of the turn-of-the-century - but this instrument was created much later in the 1970s! It already sounded outdated at the time it came out! Youch! Give me a Hammond organ or even a Mellotron over this one any time.

Your keyboard skills are impeccable, the arrangement is fun, the banjo backing from the Optigan is a nice touch, but dang, I just can't get over that crappy sound.