Reyn Ouwehand - Flimbo's Quest

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Nexus 6581
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Digital Album
Exactly how I used to hear it in my own head and im guessing me and reyn must of been hearing the same thing I was so so pleased to hear this and it remains one of my favorite sid remixes, worth the album price alone in my eyes.
There's one small thing, making a big difference for me in this remix, and that's the very static cowbell, clavs, triangle, etc that's doing the percussion in the background. It sounds painfully looped and lifeless. Part from that, this is perfection.
When we were doing Flimbo for RSR I got this record, only to find that we'd be happy to get par on this one...
The use of a banjo in this one is one of the greatest ideas in the History of great ideas!
I love this tune, and maybe this is what you had in your head when you made the original? :P This is awesome man.:)
One of the top top top songs
Happy little tune, but not my cup of tea! Respect though for playing all those real instruments!
Very faint memory of the original, perhaps heard it only few times. Still this remix has something great in it. One of top 5 in the album.
Love it!

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