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Reyn Ouwehand - Nemesis the Warlock [live at The Church]

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On the last Sunday Service C64Glen requested Nemesis the Warlock. I never played it before but I knew the original track which is a great, great track. So I went for it...

Bare in mind, it's just me and some loopers and I have to built everything up from scratch so please be patient! I already did made some edits to keep the pace of the music, but still it's a bit of a journey. It's all improvised and 100% live, and mixed on the spot, so please don't be too harsh on the sound quality or on me when you hear a glitch here and there!

If you want to hear the original full length 15 minute version check out the archive on the Sunday Service website: http://sundayservice.reyn.net . It's the last track from the show on the 2nd of April 2008 I did with Leoni.







Nemesis the Warlock [live at The Church]
I wasn't quite feeling it in the beginning, but as it started to build, it definitely became another Reyn masterpiece!
Blissful, sweet and slightly melancholic. Another Reyn masterpiece.
Beautiful chords, and when it builds up, goosebumps all over the place...:)
Unbelievable... So nice and smooth... Stays in my ears for hours ;o)
I HAD to choose very good coz he plays amazingly, but the tune in overall was average to my taste. The Green Beret Church-version is WAY better, this sounded more like an old Bill Conti First Blood soundtrack, and sometimes too much happened at once...
So Awesome. It builds up so gentle :)
The beginning with the piano is awesome and even better when the first instruments come in. A red one. But then there come other instruments which ruins the whole thing for me and it gets only worse the more you try to put in there.
Red one for this outstanding remix!
BROSA seal of approval!
As Borat would say it: "Awful piano skills, terrible arrangement, uninspiring and emotionless, poor instrumentation, simply ugly. NOT! " It almost made me cry when I heard it live on the show, it's even more moving here...
Shows what a really awesome musician Reyn really is. I am totally out of words. Best sid tune of all times. This is so massively beautiful.
AWESOME! I love those flutes. Feels like Mike Oldfield in his best times. Goose bumps all over! Added to my collection.
I just love the way the music-scape builds up with this looper-based way of playing an arrangement live! Beautiful piano! But only an orange smile since I never liked the tune and some of the instruments felt awkwardly out of place...
Another f*cking great tune from da Reyn! This is the church I worship!! ;) - Laters, p2 / HeatWave -
LOL... Its just amazing that he does this live all in one go.... Top stuff as usual Reyn....
Beautiful (also my request!)
Brilliant job! My deep respect for publishing such a nice live-track here! I'm looking forward to hear more of your stuff!;)
Cracking stuff!!!
One day, just one day, I would love to say total shit - but this day I have to say total awesome shit - and amazing - not a great tune to cover as its so dark - but awesome work - totally awesome shit!
Red one!! » Just to see 9 little tomato-faces in a row ;P » Just kiddin´... Awesome track... Nothing to crit for me... Wait! .. There is one thing that bothers me: the track is not mine ;)
One of the all-time-great C64-tracks gets one of the best treatments I've heard yet. Fantastic!
Reyn breathes music. He is *the* talent of the scene.
Absolutely stunning, Reyn could fart out a symphony.:)
My humble individual vote for the year :)
This is outstanding piece of work.
Nice job, but like someone said, it sounds a little bit too Bill Contiish, especially at the beginning.
If I didn't know that this was really live (I listened to the Secret Service on April 2nd) this would only be orange. But performance and an intuitive approach must be rewarded ;)
I must give it the red smiley. Very beautiful indeed. I can't help wondering what an all-piano version would sound like though...
Unbelievable for a 'One-Man-Band' show at "THE CHURCH"!! Simply fantastic!!
Although I really prefer songs with lots of "drive"(instead of slow things like this) I have to vote 100% for this great remix.
IMHO one of the weaker live perfomances from mr Ouwehand. Though some parts is very good, others pull down. But don't get me wrong, it's still a good tune!
It is nice - Reyn always does great stuff. But I would like this song to be remixed in a more aggressive, and violent way, in the spirit of the game.
Started off well, middle was a mess, ended well, Im also a piano player and commend you for the start (even with the mistakes) but the middle was a big mess, my opion, thanks
It is nice but there some mess in the middle, to much instruments and sounds putted at the time
This is a great performance of a great SID, although I don't think it captures the nostalgia that I'd like from this tune. But it sure sounds professional, no doubt about it.
Holy cow, "this was performed live"! I cannot believe it! From time to time it resembles lovely sound of "Azrael's Tear" music on my first archaic-now wavetable Gravis UltraSound. As a Live performance it gets highest score easily.
Playing / arranging live like this... Whoa... Awesomeness!!!
Goosebumpage maximus.
Absolutely great and beautiful!!!!!
Pure Joy!
Nothing exceptional, but well done.
Nicely arranged.
Beautiful Remix!
Review by ggeudraco


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

The remix starts nice and quietly, building it's way up slowly - I find this is good to get comfortable with the track. However, at around 2:00, the inclusion other instrument feels a bit sudden, quick and overpowering the piano that started the whole thing off; only recovering with the harpsichord at 2:55.

This soothing calm is rocked again by the use of the SID sample at 4:30. While this may be considerate towards the nostalgia of the track, I think it would have been better used on a remix using synth. As the track reaches its end, the fading of each instrument goes smoothly and ends nicely with the piano solo that started the whole thing off (with appropriate Sunday Service bells).

For those who would start listening to C64 remixes, this may seem quite overdone and easy to criticise. But it must be noted that this was performed live on SLAY Radio, which shows Reyn's skills with multiple instruments and quick improvisation, and that is what rates this track highly. To respond to Reyn's blurb for this remix, I notice no significant glitches in the performance nor any issues with sound quality that can be heard over desk speakers.

Because of these considerations, this is a good early candidate for ROTY.