Reyn Ouwehand - The Great Giana Sisters

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The Blithe, the Blend and the Bizarre
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Digital Album
Ouwehand is God \o/ (btw; do they know it's christmas time at all? :P)
Very beautiful rendition of one of the most uplifting SIDs ever.
Review by ggeudraco


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As you hear the initial solo guitar, then the starting drumbeat, you realise that Reyn has set up this remix to just get straight into the action - there's little room to get settled before he gets started with the body of the track.

Regardless of this, his choice of instruments is very wise - using a drum to keep the beat, while using twinkly metal percussion to add a special charm to the magic and whimsy that the original music was supposed to convey. However, the use of a honky-tonk piano is a strange choice, offering a (pleasing) deviation towards the style that the original track had.

Something that does intregue the ears is a specific sound that occurs from the middle of the track onwards. Whether this was intended or not, you can hear something in the background like a 'woah', as if a key got mispressed during recording. To me, this adds to the realism of the track, and makes it sound more like a live session than anything else.

As Reyn expresses his diversity in his musical talents through the use of many instruments (potentially splitting the track into 6 parts), the leading guitar finishes the track - you get the feeling that all has been done, but there's little lead-out to relax you enough for the next track in the album.

I rate this remix highly, but you can't help the feeling that there could have been something appended that gives the listener a feeling of depth and involvement, rather than a general feeling of enjoyment.