Richard Braithwaite - Last Ninja 2 (Central Park Guitar Remix)

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I love the guitars, good work here!
Very good hard rock remake of LN2. I like the solo guitar.
Guitars are fine, drums are awesome - very well done (just can`t decide which one is better; yours or JPH`s - both great and forever to b placed in my collection XD)
Superb instrumentation, great arrangement, spotless mixing. My only minor complaint is that I would've changed the original arpeggios to chords or guitar licks. Other than that - wow!
Great stuff! Very nice you added some riffs yourself!
Good mix of sid and live guitar drums eh... Could be better but what makes this really nice is the harmony on the lead guitar oh yeah!
Fuckin' awesome.....!!!
Guitar is awesome but the arpeggio buzz drives me crazy it's too much and gets annoying, somewhat obscuring the guitar and almost ruining this otherwise great song. Please change! Surprised it doesn't annoy the rest of you guys that much.. Easy fix!
There's a few mixes of this track, but this version is exhilarating with some great drums and guitar work!
It is raining dogs and LN2 Central park remixes these days :) It is nice to meet an another newcomer axeman in the remix scene.
Firstly welcome to the remix scene, and what a welcome, fantastic mix, top class mixing, awesome guitar work, more remixes please!!!!
Love it! Not perfect, but still good enough for a red face.
Best remix out there!! Guitar is awesome and really really good drums also! Great job!!
Nice energetic remix, very good indeed! Rock on!
Another aimless guitar noise version!
Gosh! I so love this track! Thx Richard! And omoroca... Ssshh... Shmile!:)
Overall, this is a competent effort and does remind me much of the original, but I agree with ryrynz here arpeggio drives me nuts too
I just love this.
Very cool guitar job! Makes you think it's what Matt Gray had in mind when he made it.
Good in general.. Quite closed sound, there are better remake of course
Rock'n'roll, dude!
This rocks!
Oooooh yeah! I love this remix! Thank you, SlayRadio! I never heard it before! Added to my collection. |m|
Very catchy tune!:)
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I would sum up a review of this track that I only hear recently from a random play on slayradio thusly:

This is how I imagine Matt Gray wanted the original piece to sound.

Fantastic. Also an example of where the use of the real C64 sound (by which I mean SID sounds) works to create a truly nostalgic fusion of retro and timeless instrumentation.