Last Ninja 2 Remix

Track info
Arranged by:
Riotbot Remixer
Composed by:
Matt Gray
All-Time charts position:
The fact that I got a foible for LN remixes and the fact that they're oft-remixed normally means I rate most tracks one point lower than usual. This time my bonus point for originality of concept makes up for that. Have an orange for this laid-back tune.
Whats there is ok, but its missing a lead! It would make good backing music but I got bored.
It is not my favorite cup of tea in music taste, so I've let my music voice speak instead. This is a very skilled composition with many small twist and turns that show your potential. WOW... I hope you hit my taste next time... :-D
Your first mix was really good this one is boring im sorry
It got a quite interesting beat, cool sound!
Alright sound, but the song is very samey.
Clean and original, which is hard to do in the 'Last Ninja remix' genre.
Good sound, however, there is no percentage increase in this Remix.
YES. Great take on the last ninja tune and really well produced this strokes my ears in a very pleasant way
Just because to find specials like this, I am checking this site every other day. Top!
I love this.
Apart from the typical dance lead in-lead out, this mix is not typical at all and has a very pleasant, balanced sound and mood. Max point from me.
I don't recognize the original tune at all... And it doesn't have any other interesting features either in my opinion. But technically, a nice tune, though.
Great mixing and idea
Yes, nice one. Like the sounds in it, sounds progressive, overall nice atmosphere ;)

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