Robert Engstrand - The Mansion Gardens (Last Ninja medley)

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Robert Engstrand - Commodore 64 Stereo Synthesizer (homebuilt synth with two SID-chips), Clavia Nord Lead 3, DSI Tempest, MicroMoog and vocals.

Manna Borg - Vocals.

Arranged, recorded, mixed, produced and mastered by Robert Engstrand.

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WOW! This is one of the best remixes I've heard here in a long time! Very expressive and emotional, very well arranged and produced. Totally loved when the Palace Gardens theme was introduced towards the end. Again great job with this one!
The female vocals does a wonderful job in this remix, totally lifts it to a higher level! Great production and arrangement, nicely done.
An excellent, high quality, creative remix with an emotional touch. I wish the lead sounds were less loud, though, because they dominate the otherwise excellent backing. Impressive work, a keeper for sure! Thanks for sharing it with us!
Very nice!
Nice, rich textures even from simple sounds, lovely layering. Sounds great both at low and high volume.
A hugely enjoyable track. The vocals work amazingly well.
Oh my God. VERY NICE MEDLEY. Thank you for that one. One of the Best I heard so far
Very nice and fluent production with superb vocal tracks. My 2 picky notes are: 1- for energy it feels a little like an aeroplane with spinned up engines that doesn't take off at the end; 2- I really miss some witty outro that matches the brilliant track.
Deus-Ex: Human (or ninja) Revolution? I'm not sure if it was a deliberate homage to that game, but I loved it. Perhaps if SID lead sounds were a bit lower, it'd be perfect. As it is, send it to Eidos Montreal and see what they say!
Excellent for what's there, now how about the whole track?:)
Beautiful. Hairs on the back of neck rising kind of good. Please do more Last Ninja themes like this!
Best R:K:O upload in months! Although this sounds unfinished somehow! Is there any more of this? I love the self-esteems this tune comes with. Added to my collection.
Outstanding!!! Great choice of sounds. Love that bass
Absolutely gorgeaus! (although slightly over-compressed)
Really good and top arrangement, but incomplete. Anyway it makes me feel good.
Goosebumps everytime!
Very good at all :-)

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