Rock & JLD - Smile to the Sky

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Hi there!


About 2 months ago I asked JLD if he likes to co-op with me. I said the song will be Smile to the Sky.

Johan's answer was like 'have to listen it again, maybe remix material'

I told this song is very important to me, one of the best SID ever composed to C64. Technically it is just phenomenal,

full of emotion and beautiful melodies, the song is just unbelievable well-arranged and the chorus and the solo part... all in all Smile to the Sky is a masterpiece.


It was clear that I will do the guitar parts and Johan all the rest, so we both did the self-learning and sent samples to each other during the project. Finally all was done and we decided that I will begin the mixing process which took quite long time. It ain't so easy to mix 71 Tracks, but finally it was done and ready for mastering process, thanks to Antti Turpeinen for mastering! Perfect job.


After all I am very pleased and happy to the result. Smile to the Sky Remix sounds exactly how I wanted. There is nothing I like to change or do another way. JLD did just amazing work, his professional way of remixing music is just fantastic to follow, and I really loved to work with him. All went so easy and in a very good spirit!


Thank you Johan, it was an amazing journey and we can now Smile to the Sky!





When Sami ask me to collab with him, I didn't have to think too long. 

Sami is one of my absolute favourite SID heroes, so being a part of this remix is an honour for me.


I still remember when I first started to make my own SID tunes on FIGs Future Composer.

The included demo songs, especially D.Y.S.P.I.D.C.E. (part 2) are super and I wanted mine to sound just like that.

Now 34 years later we are doing this together. How awesome isn't that!


Sami had already planned which tune to remix when he asked me, and I didn't know the length of the track then. It was going to be a challenge for sure but of course I said YES!


What an amazing tune Smile to the Sky is! I just love it! The guitar solo part is great in the SID, and to do that with real guitar like Sami does it is awesome.


I found a new friend during the process of making this remix. Many late nights chattering on Discord, having a laugh, and sharing great music.


Thanks Sami!


Smile to the Sky
Epic, could listen to those guitars for hours.
Very very good. I can listen to this for hours, continuously
Simply awesome
Top class cover of JLD+ Rock, what can I say? Amazing performance, very rich in sound, very inspiring, earworm beauty... Wait for more music from you guy! You did absolute amazing work together!!
An absolute joy to listen to, uplifting, captivating with moments seemly beamed in from the future. Outstanding!
Absolutely epic song.


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

This remix puts an additional feeling to the song. A feeling of hope, that one should never give up when beeing in the darkest of hour.