Bionic Commando (Tune 5)

Track info
Bionic Commando (Tune 5)
Arranged by:
Romeo Knight Veteran
Composed by:
Tim Follin
All-Time charts position:
This remix was created for the Tim Follin Arrangement Project.
It was a must-do for me since the day I decided to do remixes.

Thanks to my friend Knut for lending his Nylon string acoustic guitar (made in GDR - to get the communistic latin mood into the tune! ) to me.

Also thanks to Chris Abbott for providing the Wizball Hiscore tune for the intro.

Extra special thanks to my precious voice talents:
  • Ladd Spencer - Tom Zahner
  • Waitress - Silke Linderhaus
Bionic Commando (Tune 5)
Woo-hoo! This sure does justice to the original. Salsa fusion spiced with Romeo Knight's usual flawless guitar play. This would work great as a TV series theme.
The intro alone deserves the "Outstanding" vote (notice the Wizball high-score theme playing in the background). And it just gets better from then on.
Subtle use of the Wizball high score in the intro, and then the salsa guitar kicks in and really blows you away. It really works as a slightly more ethnic feel throughout, and would be perfect TV theme fodder. Way to go, Eike!
Just fantastic from the intro right the way thru to the end, flawless guitar infused with salsa and a bionic arm, what could go wrong?:)
I. Love. This. Remix. Might be the remix of the year right here. Excellent production, arrangement and loaded with humour! This is perfection!
Just perfect :)
Wonderful! It's just fun to listen to. The animal sounds gave me a good laugh.
Incredible as usual when it comes to Romeo the Shining (Shred) Knight!! Flawless Salsa interpration of Bionic Commando. Though I feel the lead electric guitar is a tad weak.. Keeping this from a RED one!
I agree with kwed.. That beginning deserves the red face alone, the rest of the tune.. Well if I could give 2 red faces.. I would.
LOL, excellent. Reminds me some tunes by Puya...
Good job!!!
Fabulous, simply fabulous
Excellent. Althought I do not see this as c64 remix, more like a intro to some comedy-like TV series :)
I like this tune :) I like this remix and the jazzrock guitar solo :) and this perfect sound... I'm jealous :)
I love it, nice blend of spanish, caribbean and rock :)
Fantastic production!!! My all time no. 1 remix was Rastan by G. R. Brown but Romeo you have just took the all time no. 1 spot with this perfect remix!!!! Top stuff man!!!!!
This just ROCKS!
Cool! The intro in fun but kind of weak. But when the main tune kicks in, it's a red one after all!
A really enjoyable mix.
How do you top this? Yes, thats right, you can't. Perfectly recorded, perfectly played, just... Perfect in everyway.
AWESOME!! (i wanted to do a bionic-commando with kettle-drums, but mine would have been shite anyway :p). Elec-Guitar reminds me of the UK snooker theme :D, I Especialy love the accoustic-g and percussion. Hope you had a cool BDay too. I LOVE THIS TUNE :D
Very good effort, distorted guitar a bit too quiet or powerless, dunno how to describe it ;-)
This is a pretty outlandish synthesis of comedy and serious musicianship, and actually pulling it off pretty much guarantees it a fantastic score. Though I want the outro to lead into an alternate remix!
Great stuff
Proffesional sound, unimprovable the original tune is to weak, not really worth listening to more than once
Very Good! Not my favorite remix from RK.... But still a HQ remix.
Top notch :)
Just. Plain. Weird ;)
Really great. This tune give the vibes to just... Get away from the horrible weather here in scandinavia to some more sunny place.
Very, very nice, wacky and fun. Some of the acoustic guitar, particularly the strummed out backing chords over the distortion solo could have tighter, mainly because of how they sit in the stereo mix. That's just me being picky though.
Funny and fun! Noticed the Wizball tune at the beginning? That's funny! The salsa style is fun! The arrangment is just perfect. Some minor stuff keeps it from being red (like the somewhat weak lead guitar).
Outstanding! It sets a very relaxing and joyful atmosphere.
Ahahaha!! HOW great is THAT, guys!? :-D Really fantastic! The intro... Mega-hilarious-funny! The tune... Very amusing and spirit-keeping newly styled and flavoured! Great!
Great tune!! Love the intro.. And summer sounds..
Thats great really funny track
Brilliant - bonkers interpretation of Follin's amazing original. The intro is class, clever and so damn appropriate!!
It was funky to listen to.
I'm either too tired of this tune, or Hawaiian noises in general. Solid remake though.
Coragous smart and on the nipple m8!
Mr Follin must be dead happy! Humour, attitude, psychedelic interludes and guitar from GDR!
Wonderful, just wonderful...
Feel good remix of the year.
Nice track, very good guitars and the "animal fx" is killer :)
Great idea.
Sounds like the opening music for the 80's TV series Magnum. Not Very original! And overrated. Only "Average".
Another one to put on the playlist, I really like the idea and the style of the remix, and that whole 64 bacardis joke is an instant classic!
Wah? ! Now that's something different! Outstanding!
Brilliant Music. Congratulations:)
Usually I dislike this kind of music, but this version is even better than the original
Amazing, as always.
Romeo has a brilliant take on the tune as always. Gotta love that intro.
Just "outstanding"...;)
Outstanding remix! This is one of my absolute favourites around here. I like the humour in it. How do you want to carry it then? In my mp3-player!!!
Nothing short of epic. Funky, fun, spirited and playful. I love it.
One of the best C64 remixes so far!
Nice Nice, not the top best but fine with me
Man! :D A truly amusing track, every bit of that. If you love playfulness and have some sense of humour, you GOTTA love it :)
I loooooooooove this remix! How the hell did he manage to do the intro!? ! Excellent...
Yah... Outstanding! This is some really great work, great work!
This remake is nothing more than outstanding - and astounding. Extremely well performed and continously interesting throughout the whole tune. Well done!!!
There was just one short break somewhere in the middle of this song where it dipped a bit in intensity and quality. But there's no way I'm gonna vote anything other than Outstanding! Grrrreat work!
Love the animal sounds. This mix picks me up. Good work.
Technical excellence! Brilliant rendition.
Technically brilliant, awesomely fun.
Sissignore :)
I'd like to have 64 Bacardi on the Rocks. Beautiful remix. Beautiful all around vive.=)
Far out.
Well performed, great remix!
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Lovely. Just lovely. You can't help smiling and tapping your foot to the rhythm. It really catches the original melody awfully well, yet it sounds salsa like. Spanish guitar, some good percussion and tin drums. I love it when people remix songs in new styles without falling for novelty.