Rune-Bertil's feat. Uncle & the Bacon - Afterburner

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For my dad.

Completely unexpexted! But love it as it's not the easiest tune to swing to, well balanced
Could not help but think bayonetta, great stuff again!!! Keep them coming!
What a terrible way to do a bad remix! A bad remix has incomprehensible arrangement, a bad remix sucks the life out of you with its lifelessness - but we find none of that here! In fact, it's the opposite! You're terrible at being terrible!:-)
No more Swing remixes, please!
F*cking fabolous! Homoroca is insane
Good stuff! Legendary game from Sega has finally got an outstanding remake.
Bang bang.. Swing, frickin love all these tracks... Keep it up guys there's at least another 1, 000 or so SID tracks for this style....
Great mix this one. Well done.
A revised smiley is in order. I´m upgrading to a red after listening to the original SID and realizing what an outstanding remix you made. Like I said before, very nice variation in the arrangement makes it a joy to listen to. Awesome job!
People talk about your style being samey, but there is nothing samey about your choice of source material. I reckon you're puching the boat out and coming up with consistently excellent results. Remixer of the Year for me.
Your remixes remind me of some cake that consists of components that I don't like at all - but for some reason I don't know, I still can't stop eating one slice after another with a sincerely happy smile on my face. Awesome, sort of :)
Nothing fitting!
A good arrangement
Awesome tune!!! Who love swing music, will love this. Can't sit quietly while hearing..^^
Weird but very very cool. A hotseat remix ;)
Nice tune

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