Rune-Bertil's - Boogie On a Spring (JP style)

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On this tune, I went for authenticity, away from the usual plastic-ness. The only instruments that are artificial is the piano and the saxophone. The others are either sampled or played in full on live instruments.
I also turned the tempo down a notch, because I think the original is perfect for boogie.

It was worth a try

A great booie-woogie take on Hubbard's original work; it's really great to hear these different genres being tried out and Rune-Bertil's version is spot-on!
Not my style.
One of the more unique RKO 'bands' strikes again. Not something I'd listen to a saturday afternoon, but technically proficient.
Really nothing special. But it will get tons of "Bravo" here on RKO, just because it`s from you. ;) (the older Tracks, R-Type and Delta for example, are far better - no doubt about that). Very average
This style - while executed to perfection technically - just doesn't seem to suit this tune. The high degree of artificiality of the instruments is no help, either.
It put a smile on my face :)
Made me smile! Also gets better as it goes on, dig that sax!
Remixfan - it may not be your style, so don't vote then. The tune is very well made and fun to listen to, so mark it on it merits rather that your taste.
Sounds are good.. But the hubbard sid is so damn unique I cant see where anyone could take this I like the piano (real or not ) but it muddies up all else massive kudos to the effort tho
Very good boogie-piano-remix. I like it.
I am loving your remixes, this is just perfect for Thing on a spring, top stuff
Ok albeit it doesn't sound very "real". Yet, I don't understand those giving the lowest vote, just because they don't like the style! What about execution? If you don't like the style, don't comment on it, find a track closer to your taste elsewhere!
Perfect style for Thing on a spring.
Love it! This is my style!!!!!!! :p
REALLY something special!
Ah yeah. Boogie boogie baby. It makes my fingers tip the rhythm on the table.

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