Rune-Bertil's - Commando

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Now, this is my favorite SID-tune, and probably the most remixed one, so it's time I gave it a shot.

Hope you like it!

Technically very good as usual, but the same old formula is getting too predictable. Don´t get me wrong, I really like most of your work but it would be nice with something different for once. Surprise us!
I agree with the above... It's beginning to be difficult to hear the difference exept for the melody itself... It's like the focus is on the style, and not the tune itself.
Catchy. Push that swing!
Of course the focus is on the style. That's what Rune-Bertils is all about! Rock on!!
No comment!
I don't get all the people complaining here. So what if it's in the same swing style again? It's still really, really well done! Do you guys complain about Aerosmith doing nothing but metal, too?...
Great work as I really look forward to your remixes and please don’t get put off by the negativity on some of the comments as when I see Rune-Bertils remix I know what is coming quality jazz / swing, keep up the great work!
Another fantastic number... One of your best guys... Top stuff and I agree with LaLa, stop complaining.. Bloody hell come on...
Failed to find a remix by Rune yet that doesn't put a smile on my face.
Sounds good, but too many releases in swing only style...
So according to you guys, this is the 163rd best tune at remix64. Com?? That's just wrong!
Maybe same again... But it makes me smile..
Another well deserved red smiley from me, Ulfepulf is a musical genious that masters all styles from Heavy Metal to Swing...
Not usually a fan of big band swing, but this is excellent - excellent production and if you're not snapping your fingers to the beat, you're not listening right!
Gettin' real tired of likin' your shit, RB. Yes, it all sounds very similar after a while, but I really dig some of the ideas in this one after the kind of boring first minute or so.
Very nicely done!!! Got my foot and in fact both legs bopping around!
My first thought... The Baseballs are playing Sam & Max Hit the Road ;) Cool Rock'n Roll interpretation.
I don't typically listen to this style of music but I stumbled upon it listening to Commando remixes. This is great, good tune. I enjoyed it.
It's something different and it's amazing!

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