Rune-Bertil's - Ghosts'n Goblins (Gueuze 'n Goblins mix)

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Another delightfully cheesy, yet technically competent tune from the one-man jazz band. Cool!
Fantastic as usual! The best iv heard on RKO for a while now. More please!!!!
If this doesn't get your legs moving, nothing will!
Haha, great :) Not really my type of thing but honestly I started to miss this style. Good stuff for this hot summer.
A really nice style for this classic, and really well done, and that's something since I really can't stand Jazz normaly ;O)
Awesome! Gives the classic a perfectly crafted foot tapping twist.
Swing style remix? Check. Professionally put together? Check. Excellent work as usual? Double check!
This. This is how it's done!
I love the stuff Rune-Bertil's do, lively and great... Please do Sanxion and That's the way it is.. TOP stuff guys...
Another fantastic swing mix from Rune-Bertil
Kibaszott jo, Fuckin' good :)
I don't like trumpets. Not keen on the style, but you got to admire the technique.
I especially love the intro.
Love it. That is all!
This works perfectly. Awesome production aswell.
Technically probably brilliant, but I just *hate* these Swing style tunes.
I cant say how cool I think it is to hear from RB again after a long break in remixing! One of my favourites!!
I can see my self dancing to this music in swing club:P
It's RB style, but a lot of the original sounds are still in there and it just facking works.
An other good, swing mix.
Review by Vilesyn


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Great remix, but very deceiving. The intro felt like I was in for a big surprise, but it didn't set me up for the swing-style I received. I was thinking at least some crazy psycho-mariachi or some sort of edm mix like mariachi zombies, or El Mariachi. The G&G C64 main intro/first stage music was always something I loved as it built me up from a calm collective, to getting ready to impale the undead. This remix didn't do that for me after the intro. Do get me wrong, I still enjoyed it, but the first transition was from a moment of nostalgia to constantly having to piece together the parts in my mind, hoping they would sound familiar again. Don't get me wrong, I love swing as much as a the next guy, but to me it just didn't fit the style of this song, and wanted to give the arranger some constructive critique. Still, I enjoyed this remix quite a bit.