Rune-Bertil's - Great Kloakkman (Megastyle Medley)

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Great Kloakkman (Megastyle Medley)
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On request from our friends in Megastyle!

The original tunes:
1. Great Kloakkman 7 - Roy Johan Widding (Space-Roy)
2. Great Kloakkman 2 - Magnar Harestad (Lizard)
3. Great Kloakkman 3 - Anders Rodahl (Rage)

Rune Bertils doing what he does best, and this is no exception. Fantastic stuff!
Technically outstanding as usual. Can't help but trip my feet to Rune-Bertil's jazzy tunes.
Best Part of the Tune: the Break @ 2:19 X). Should be an Eldorado for every Jazz-Lover
I've played that game on 8-bit console - there was a mouse-cop and you had to jump on platforms and catch baddies. Well, maybe not C64, but music is very familiar.
Ahhh!! I've been waiting for this, especially to hear a jazz version off the last sid in this mix by Rage/MSI
Great remix with excellent jazzy composing and samples. Great work!
I swear you I wanted to give an higher punct, but... Why don't you use a better samples?, instruments sound like a old Casio keyboard!!!
Top top marks this is even a cut above your usuall outstanding in my eyes the instrument are amazing the arrangments are impeccable the prduction is sublime :D
I haven't heard the originals, but as usual; Sweet as Swedish snus!
Nice idea, but not my cup of tea!
Don't know the original, but love the way that RB drop them into their catchy jazz/swing arrangements just in case you dont! Really great.
This one is alright too.
1:20 >> Leisure Suit Larry Theme... I would absolutely love a complete Leisure Suit Larry Swing Remix

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