Rune-Bertil's - Monty On The Rocks

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*hehe* A very jazzy rendition. Nicely done. A real sax would've been cooler, though.
Monty goes Swing! In one word: Awesome.
Sexy <3
Really, really nice - frankly put, I've never heard about Rune-Bertil's before, but if this is their debut single, than you guys have got me totally hooked! This version of Monty of the Run is one of the most innovative SID-remakes I've heard in 2010!
It does sound quite good. It almost sounds like something out of an official MotR remake.
This is the stuff we want! Perfect music to listen to in the hotel elevators.
Excellent work and its been a long time coming! Rune Bertil's please do more as you are unique and I love your jazz swing style :)
Great idea to let monty swing. Great composing and instruments.
FRESH! :D Remix of the year! :D
Swing when you're winning! Nice arr
Brilliant! I usually do not like jazz. This piece is a exception to this rule.
This is my new remix of the year!
Just great!
This is great, sounds like James Last!!!!! ... Top stuff
I've been waiting for this!!! :D I hope the guys behind Rune Bertil will release a c64 remix with their metal band
I like it.
Amazingly original! Ooh lal la!
I bet thtas exactly what Mr. Hubbard had in his head when he composed the track... AWESOME!!!
Here we go, another great swing style remix from Rune-Bertil's! Quite an arrangement, but the lead sounds could use some polishing, they sound too synthetic.
Flawless genius on every concievable level very impresive and inspiring stunningly good this may be heading for the top
Fantastic take on this very well known Rob Hubbard tune. Would be great to have a live instrumental verison of this :)
Absolutely great! Monty in a swinging jazz club!
Mothafokka great!!!!
Awesome :)
Professional as always. But, also as always, not my genre!
Fantastic Remix!

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