Rune Horneland - International Karate (Rock band style)

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It's ok but is missing something and the bad notes really hit home :(
This just really didnt work for me at all and im sure a few of those notes tried to sell me a big issue the other day
This is basically Rune's 2002 Les Paul mix with drums added. A little more work on the details would be desirable.
Nice idea, but sounds almost too robotic and lacks any feel or emotion. A bit flat. And agreed with skitz: Those wrong notes do stand out
Nice idea, but the mixing and the bad notes (which are really audible) spoil it somewhat.
You shouldn't play electric guitar in the shower. Electricity and water doesn't mix.
Strange... To many weak spots, it doesn't sound like rock..., if it comes to rock remixes, I prefer play by numbers or romeo knight!
It sounds pretty good although quite rough.
Even if the first version lacks drums, it's better than this one.
Totally flat. The spirit of the original as been lost in outer space... Or somewhere else...
Nice eGuitar-playing, not so heavy like other remixes...
The feeling really got lost somewhere on the way.. Too bad really :-(
Lacks in execution, but I can't help but like it. Dunno why, maybe it's just the song choice.
Technically not the best, but I think it has character, and I've been playing it a lot the last couple of weeks. But can you imagine Led Zeppelin without JPJones or The Who without John Entwistle? This needs a bass guitar badly.

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