RunStop64 - Albedo Forever (Project Vaygar Remix)

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I never thought I'd see this, but here's a remix of a remix of a remix of a C64 game. Got that? Well, enjoy it!

Note: I wasn't involved in the making of this remix so don't consider it a radio edit or anything. It's just a remix by someone who liked my original remix.

Thanks to Project Vaygar for this remix!
Superb version of Albedo here with good use of stereo and a sparkling mix.
Wheee! Better than your other remix!
It's okay, but previous one was better. As I understand the new one is DnB version or radio edit, however the beat is too repetitive and stands out too much because of that, also it lacks SID-ish triangle wave sounds which were present in previous remix.
Cool mix! A bit more bass and maybe lower presence of the drums would make it greater, IMO.
The previous version was slightly better executed. This one is nice as well but comes with a little less excitement.
Thumbs up for this remix. Very good mix with very good melody string.
The bass is too quiet to support these hyperactive drums. Wish there was a rating in between yellow and orange - this is a cut above the "original remix", but not quite hallowed "very good" territory.
Bringing the tempo down didn't help, in fact, it made it worse. I also think the drums are overused here. Still enjoyable, just as not as much as the original remix (which is a remix of the 2007 remix...:-) ).
Very nice arrangemend - there's more potential you're main lead - just a bit more usage of both stereo channels, would have made a difference. Great work!
After repeated listens I had to upgrade to red from orange. Brilliant, soaring track. I love it!
Very nice
Technically probably good, but I absolutely don't like the beat.
Beat is a bit monotonous but hey, extra points for dynamic range this time!

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