RunStop64 - Albedo Forever

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Albedo Forever
Arranged by:
RunStop64 Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Gilles Soulet
All-Time charts position:

In 2007 I uploaded a remix that many people liked, but felt was ruined by poor mastering. Now it's been 3 years and I've put my RunStop64 project on ice, focusing on my main project, and since then I've really honed my skills. So now I feel it's time to do a comeback!

This is the remix of the remix, the new updated and final version of Albedo 2, called Albedo Forever. The instruments are updated, and the sound design is a lot better this time, but all around I feel this is the remix I meant to submit back in 2007.

Cheers to Gilles Soulet for creating this awesome tune!

Expect more to come...
Albedo Forever
It's back and it's better than before!:)
Very nice I like your older one too :)
I like it as well.. It's got a nice retro 80's feel to the synth sounds(not surprising I know).. Good track.
Very nice!
Liked the first one, even the bassline had flows. I always hoped for a rework... YAY there it is! LOVE it!
There is a better version, but still very good!
A bit much compression for my taste, but still very nice.
I love this song, can't stop listening to it.
Nice work. Slightly overcompressed that keeps killing the drums a little. I liked your work on music and the atmosphere created pretty much.
Frikken awesome, that's what this is
Really does the song justice, nicely done!
This is what I call a c64 "remix". Such a wonderfull symbiosis of the sound of todays instruments + the old SID. I can't stop listening to I
Like many songs in the remix genre, the intro overstays its welcome (not every song needs to be the first song in a Dream Theater set). Once it gets going, it's decent, very nice blending of old and new.
Much better, much smoother than the 2007 remix, yet it retains much of its energy. I feel the SID arpeggios are out-of-place here, but other than that - great job of remixing your remix!
Great One
Aside from the drums, not bad!
For me this is the best version of Albedo.11/2013
Very good track!

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