RunStop64 - Noisy Pillars

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The first remix I released, Albedo 2, was a very noisy and fast remix. I wanted to sort of go back to a more harmonic and laid-back musical style with this remix of Jeroen Tel's "Noisy Pillars". I added a very fast arpeggio to a synthesizer, making it sound very SID'ish. I hope you enjoy it.
Pretty nice use of the SID sound to compliment the mix, although the lead instrument doesn't quite fit somehow for my ears, it's a bit too bright and forward. Needs a mixing tweak or three but what's there is good stuff.
Too loud! Everything louder than everything else! Murder for the ears. Apart from that, this is a pretty nice idea. It's very rocky yet sythetic at the same time, well done. With another round of mixing I might actually quite have liked this one.
Nice, but horribly over-mastered.
Has great potential but it's over-mastered as LMan already mentioned.
Good remix, but way too high volume! Noisy :(
Technically Ok, but I don't like the arpeggio sound. Starts getting on my nerves after listening 3 times.
He might be hearing impaired you know..:/
That guitar kinda RUINS the whole song... Could've worked without it.. But with it.. GAGHHHHhhhh
One hour is much too less to do it proper...
Very 80's sounding. Nothing really special but not offensive to the ears
Good one. Some big commercial pop hits have even much harder mastering, so I don't see it as a big problem...

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