Saga Musix - Pinball Fantasies - Steelchambers2 HQ Remake

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In case it hasn't been obvious: Yes, it's not a Remix. It's a Remake. And that's what the title says. I sampled the original hardware from which the original samples for Steelchambers2 were taken (Roland U-220 samples by yours truly, Roland R-8 samples by kb6 sample library) and replaced the original samples with high quality ones - this is how Steelchambers2 would have sounded back then if the Amiga's capabilities allowed for it.

If you listen to this, it will probably sound exactly like the original tune to your ears. But before you are going to submit yet another this is not a remix, you have just applied an EQ to the original tune style comment, please listen to the original again after my version and you will most likely agree that the higher quality samples do sound better. What has been done here is cannot be achieved by simply applying an EQ / enhancer / stereo-izer on the samples.

In my opinion, no remix which tries to alter this tune in some way did it any justice so far (but I'm also very picky on this matter because it's the first VGM music I can remember from my childhood), the only way to make it better is to use the same samples in higher quality. That's exactly what I did, and I had a lot of fun tracking down the original sample sources.

Original IT file and alternative OGG download can also be found at

Dat's no remix at all
Hey Saga! Sounds very clean! It's how I'd expect it to sound in a modern take of the game (*cough* future pinball) I guess it wasn't fully clear what you tried to achieve at the time your track was released. Btw. It's a track from Fantasies, not Dreams ;)
Very good attempt in getting the quality boosted on the original. Sometimes I have a feeling the basses could've been boosted a little more, but definitely a Very good for the effort.:)
Outstanding for the job made!!! Sampling again a U220 is a hard work ad reuse it on original mod...:)
Upgraded rating a touch, thanks for the explanation.
From your forum post I completely get what you tried to do and IMO it achieves that goal!
I don't like the song but I definitely hear the quality in the remake.
That's what I call a genuine remake! Remarkable work!
Very clean and highqual samples, sampled directly from the Roland U220! Good work SagaMusix and a red one for the effort!:)
This remake is awesome and stirs some wonderful nostalgia in me :)
I like it very much. Great remake of one of my favourite tunes.:)
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Well done at going the extra mile to sample the original instruments, it sounds awesome