Goldrunner (Maccie Pimp Me Up Remix)

Track info
Goldrunner (Maccie Pimp Me Up Remix)
Arranged by:
Scyphe Veteran
Composed by:
Rob Hubbard
All-Time charts position:

@ prowler: shush... ;)

Goldrunner theme is after all Human Race #4 so is still valid.. :P




Anyway, I figured I'd share this with fellow Amigans that don't visit rkwed for C64-remixes (there are plenty that only check out Amiga remixes since that's the machine that they started on).


I tried getting a little The Shadows / Hank Marvin-feel to it. At the time I hadn't touched the guitar for 2+ years so it was as much an exercise in making a cover as it was to shake some of that rust off the fingers, muscle memory and brain.


Here's a link to the original Goldrunner theme (sadly the Amiga soundtrack was exactly the same as the ST-version and hence being sub-par to the C64-version):


Goldrunner theme Youtube

Good, but c'mon, already released in 2008!!!
I don't know this tune, but I like alot :) good work
Very nice variation of the theme

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