Scyphe - Human Race 4 (strange diversion mix)

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Arranged by:
Scyphe Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Rob Hubbard
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My first submitted remix of a very common song (and subtune) but I had planned to do this one for years, I just didn't get on the job until recently. Equipment used: Fender Stratocaster (all tracks except organ and drums), Cubase SX2, GuitarRig2, Drumkit From Hell 2, NI B4 and Ozone 3 masterplugin. It pretty much wrote itself once I had done the drums & "bass", I found two great presets in GuitarRig that just helped the cover write itself. Trying to figure out the next one I should make a remix/cover of and I'm thinking about Judge Dredd, but it's so damn short that I'd have to fill up with a lot of improvised stuff just to make it past 1 minute. I hope you enjoy this cover of classic Rob Hubbard territory.

ps. next time I'll be a lot more discriminate about mix, EQ and the mastering process, I've picked up some great information from fellow remixers @ Remix64 to help me understand some of the more advanced parts of shaping a sound.
Nice and reasonably mellowed out, this one. Seems to be a mixed a little low on the volume but is an enjoyable little version all the same.
Nice and laid back and the guitar is pleasing on the lug hole
Like it! With some better drums and organ samples/instrumentation it would've been a winner. Mentioned instruments sound too plastic and stiff.
Nice one, great guitar play.
Nice and clean!
Something's wrong with the guitar solo at the end. Very skilled playing, but sounds like an old mono recording! Thus "only" Good!
I really enjoyed the ad-lib style at the end, very good.
Nice this :)
The overdriven guitar is overused, it dominates this otherwise pretty good mellow remix.
The overdriven guitar does not really fit...
The drums let this down, the rest of it sounds quite nice and laid back. Enjoyed listening to it.
The leadguitar is promsing, the rest is utterly uninspired and the disharmonies ruined it.

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