SIDNIFY - The Last Ninja - The Wilderness

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In his palace, the evil shogun Kunitoki senses his fate approaching by whose hands his minions have already started to fall in the wastelands. Armakuni, the last of his kind, is seeking revenge. He’s coming closer by every second to fulfill it. And he’s already in the Wilderness…

The original track does not need any introduction, being a well-known and iconic C64 tune composed by one of the greatest SID composers of all time: Ben Daglish.

This song by itself holds all the greatnesses of SID music within: unique sounds, melodic tunes, badass basslines, powerful vibe, peculiar mood, memorable feelings and awesome filter modulation(!). Mentioning the latter, you can almost visualize the potmeters turning as the cutoff smoothly changes. All of these are of pure SID magic which impressed us right at the first time we heard it. Benn achieved to combine such uniqueness and epicness in his music and gave us so much that we felt we have to give back to indicate our deep gratitude and appreciation. Besides the fact that Wilderness is one badass helluva track!

By this remix, we would like to honour the musical heritage of Ben Daglish and also pay tribute to Anthony Lees. Though they cannot be with us, they are living in our hearts by their eternal melodies and their musical magic within.

ROTY 2020

2 Best c64 Remix

SIDNIFY = Quality. Punchy track!
Thank you for your powerful and catchy hi-quality remix, SIDNIFY! Ben Daglish will never be forgotten!
Like it very much!
Spendid work lads!
Quality right here. Brilliant mastering, superb use of the original SID, and punchy as anything! Love this!
Doesn't get much better than this, it's got all the elements of a top notch remix, love the fresh new SID sound, what an evolution! Holy shit @3:00, bro we need more remixes from you here!
Great remix, lots of energy while respecting the source.
Wow! Just WOW!
Solid rocker!
Solid, Well done.
Nice guitar skills!
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There are many-many remixes of this tune available, both on RKO and on released albums. After I listened to some of my favorite ones and then this remix by SIDNIFY, it's still hard to pick a clear winner, but hot damn, this one is definitely there on the top! What a tour de force! All done with the kind of professionalism we've come to expect from SIDNIFY: an amazing, fresh arrangement, spotless instrumentation, mixed to perfection. Fantastic job, guys!