SIDrip Alliance - From First to Last (AROK12 tribute mix)

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Reyn Ouwehand
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This Last Ninja medley was arranged for our live gigs, with an effort of executing it a little different way, venturing through all the parts. If goal was reached or not - you decide ;)

We tried to keep the soundscape as close to the live sound as possible, recorded with the exact rig that we use onstage, including NP's old Laney amp and Werdy's Korg Karma. At the time of recording our drummer-case hadn't been completely solved and lots of in-process modifications needed for the final form of this remix so we did the plastic way this time, it's a Toontrack VSTi. The intro announcer is our good old Uncle Sam/Reciter 64. Mixing/mastering was done with an SSL Duende DSP. Extremely cold summer weather was supported by Global Warming Incorporated. No bytes and pixels were harmed during the production.

Track orderlist:

LN1 - The wilderness ingame, Ben Daglish (sub7)
LN2 - The Street loader, Matt Gray (sub3)
LN2 - The Basement loader, Matt Gray (sub7)
LN3 - Title, Reyn Ouwehand (sub3)
LN3 - Level1, Reyn Ouwehand (sub4)


SRA Crüe

edit: You can find the live footage @Function-X Party here.

edit2: due to epic external archive HDD failure the workfiles were destroyed. (sid)RIP music data...

From First to Last (AROK12 tribute mix)
Standing ovations from me. Only one complaint: The drums sound way too flat, static and thin for this heavy track.
Let there be rock! It's a very good rendition of several LN tunes but done seamlessly with plenty of good nods to the original. It really does need some harder drums though, otherwise excellent all round.
A very good (and unique) remix of Last Ninja tunes. A but flat on the drums and the bass could go up a bit, but the uniqueness of the remix still makes it one of the best rock-remixes so far this year.
Great guitar work and backing, but the lead synth is too flat and is way overused.
Flakey lead, but otherwise great.
More bass and sharper synth and red smiley!
I really really like this.. I love the guitar play, and the nostalgia the montage brings me.. But I think more variation in the SIDdy parts would've been better.. Too much reliance on the samey triangle lead IMHO.
Makes me want to dry hump my speakers. It's THAT filthy. The lead does feel a little flimsy over the top of all that crunchy guitar, but boy, oh boy, does that guitar crunch.
Some of the leads aren't great, but this is an otherwise awesome compendium of some top LN tracks. Not a huge electric guitar fan, but it sounds great here!
All in all a very good sounding remake of different "Last Ninja" musics. Thumbs up for this music!
Love it, top mix and it blends through each track perfectly, looking forward to seeing you guys live at somepoint in the future... Keep it up guys!!!
Wow! Truly _outstanding_, indeed!!! Thank you _very_, very much!! :-D
Strange mixture of Rock and Electro! It's not bad, but overrated.
Amazing is all I can say. Took me back to the good old days of playing LN, loved every minute.
Review by LaLa


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Laser-sharp mixing, I can hear each individual guitar string! The arrangement is also fantastic, the different parts flow into each other seamlessly - which means somebody spent a ton of effort to make this arrangement seem effortless. ;-)

My only minor gripe about the remix is some of the lead sounds - I think they are a bit too thin and effect-less, and sound a touch out-of-place with the rocky backing. More reverb or vibrato, or fatter lead instruments would've helped.

But otherwise, just WOW!