Final groovin synth sample 1

Track info
Arranged by:
Skitz & Moog Remixer
Composed by:
Rob Hubbard
All-Time charts position:
The jazzy stuff kind of gets in the way of the vibe for me, but this IS one of my favourite Rob Hubbard throwaways... So I expect a lot. No questioning the musical skills thoughs
Moog, Skitz, Hubbard and Morcheeba... Sitting in a tree. Re-m-i-x-i-n-g!
Nice jazzy style that really makes the tune groovy and laid back in a nice way. I'm not quite sure the piano lead always manages to do the right thing, but the spirit's there. Cracking job!
It's light and jazzy and well produced, but a little on the boring side for it to gain a red
Perfect! I absolutely love that live play!
This is the shit!
For some reason I kept thinking sesamestreet (dont ask) but it is indeed a nice nice sounding little tune :)
Amazing rendition, and great pianobar atmosphere. Really made me feel good.
WOW! The original tune was great and this remix is great as well! Good job!
Excellent, still, not outstanding, I don't like some sounds...
Jazzy, laid back, oldschooolish', SPIRIT's inside! Free your mind, dudes! You really HEAR that what he's doing here? Slowly I dunno what to say more about you, moog. I'm repeating myself just over and over again here it seems! :-D
Does not catch me.
Excellent work, sincerely.
Superb. :D
Great stuff!!! Be interesting to know what Skitz played!!!!! In a nice way!!!
Great! Would be even better it if the drum section also was more jazzy / jamming.
Piano and drumcomp is quality. But I don't know about the rest.
You crazy guys. Totally impressive.
I haven't this song in 20 years... Great memories...
Reminds me a little of "Lass die Sonne in Dein Herz" by "Wind". So everybody let the sunshine in your heart to this wonderful tune! Added to my collection.
I love this kinda music, and this is an awesome tune. Three thumbs up.
Finger tapping good.

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