Hot Rod (In Rod We Trust Remix)

Track info
Arranged by:
DJ Skitz Veteran
Composed by:
Jeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
All-Time charts position:
This is so 80s! I love the sound! Something's missing though. Part of it is imo a bit more reverb, especially on the snare, to complete that 80s sound.
Great use of the 80s sound with some authentic Orch Hits and cowbells in. Little bit of of that overzealous 80s reverb wouldn't go amiss, but it's still a good remix as it stands!
Sounds like a forgotton 80's Sega racin track!
The more you listen to this, the more it grows on you. Has an old 80s demoscene feel to it.
Nice stuff!!!
I dig it! Good job!
Nice and swift :) Could use a little extra though :)
The lead sounds are very weak, they sound flat and boring throughout. The bass sound is lifeless, too. I like the arrangement, though.
One of my favourite sids, I like this remix.
Good job on a great track........
So good so I don't even noticed when it started and when it ended. I expected something more HOT.
Huh, reminded me to Street Fighter soundtrack in places, the Balrog theme to be precise.

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