DJ Skitz - Hysteria Ingame (SLAY Rated Edit)

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Arranged by:
DJ Skitz Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Fred Gray
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This is a bizarre one really as it only took like 30 minutes or so to produce as a bed for the SLAY Rated show broadcast on November 3rd 2009.

During the show many people were asking What is that tune you are playing in the background? Is it available anywhere? Who made it?

This version is slightly updated and mastered (possibly?)

So here it is if anybody is interested!
Energetic and has a great flow to it, just like the original. Really good stuff.
I agree it DOES sound like the original - Far too much. Like the old 'sid + drums' remixes of the past.
Not bad, but a little too SID'ish for my taste! The lead gets on my nerves after a while.
Overall not bad, but it's repetetive and I just have the feeling that some extra instruments and orch-hits have been thrown in to boost the remix... Not really working.
Man, how I hated that game :) LOAD"*",8, 1 was only for this musc. This remix is good. Not flawless but enjoyable enough for me. It might take better variation.
Skitz is a God, and anything he touches turns to gold! This rules!
The original SID is already damn great. It's no wonder it sounds good after 30 minutes but it's very disappointing because the remix does nothing with it. This SID deserved much more.
This is one of those either you love it or you hate it remixes. I'm more on the love side of it. :P
Wicked remix. Very bouncy, but not cheesey at the same time. I love this tune!!
Top Top Top Top Top! So bloooody funky...
Whow..... Just whow.....
To sid too for me
Love it, keeps the feel of the original extremely well
Great! It may be a bit repetetive and could use some innovation but still it's a pleasure to listen to. I love those hard-hitting drums!
Excellent! Close to the original - me likey!
Good production (a little bright imho) but too derivative. Overall it sounds good, a reproduction more than a remix.
This is more than funky, thumbs up!

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